Vintage Button Roundup

On the way back from brunch, this very modern couple decided to check out the antique shop up the hill from Cole and Parnassus. We were lured in by the idea of buying furniture — something we desperately need. Sadly, this shop is more along the lines of a bauble dealer to grannies and hipsters. The boy was owed a treat, so we browsed through vintage shaving kits (too S&M for his taste), leather-cased binoculars (more his father’s speed) and cookware that proved too scattered and dingy for our needs.

As I was about to abort the mission my eye caught a beautiful collection of vintage buttons, sewn to a card and stashed in the back of a locked display case. I couldn’t leave without them.

Sewing class, my quest to make a decent handbag, various projects and queer soft pets. I’ve got a million uses for these things.

It prompted some exploration, so here are some great options for starting your own button stash:

Button tin offerings in summer pinks and greens, blues and rose, retro reds, live greens, citrus, fancy b&w deco and caramel browns.

If card collections are more your thing, check out these bakelite cards.

Touching, an Etsy found this much-loved card collection of cloth buttons via an old woman who had been collecting for many years.

Consider these bright standouts if you only need a few.

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