Three underused insulting words

Maggie Mason née Berry offered a point of inspiration:

Prompt on page 16 of
No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog.

Three insulting words I’d love to teach you:

1. Spacker
Highly derogatory. Refrain from using in front of UK nationals or those sensitive to the word “retard”.

Cior: Why can’t Sally figure out how to use the sphygmomanometer or the pulse oximeter? The first machine was not broken, nor was the second…

Ciaran: [ Matter of factly ] That’s because Sally is a spacker.

Cior: [ uncontrolable laughter, to the detriment of a fresh abdominal incision ]

2. Goat Rope
As in, “Working with Sumati was like pulling a goat rope.”

3. Bad Actor
As in, “The fit Hilary threw at brunch was surreal, bad acting.”

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